How Current Technological Trends are changing the SAP Landscape

SAP continues to occupy the prime position in the business world owing to its continuous evolution that delivers specialized solutions and constant adaptation to trends. Here is how current technological trends are going to shape the future of SAP in the coming years. 

1) Machine learning

Machine learning is the first and foremost trend in software innovation, which has revolutionized the business process flow and continues to do so. Machine learning along with artificial intelligence tools are being integrated with ERP platforms to enable smart transitions and operations and are expected to change how companies interact and do business with their customers.

By programming machines to successfully analyze and draw patterns from all ERP data, machine learning helps to address customers’ needs faster and better. SAP is already harnessing this power to build unparalleled enterprise applications. 

2) Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics has been in the picture for a long time. It is adding deeper and faster business insights and is pacing up the decision making process. For instance, the time required for forecasting has drastically come down, thanks to the smarter and faster inferences that predictive analytics can draw and present.

 Predictive and data analytics have a lot of data that can be utilized to deliver engaging applications. Data analytics possesses a bulk of invaluable data regarding production, customer and supplier information such as preferences, location, requirements and investments. Unlocking this potential adds more power to SAP.

3) Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) enables devices that are connected to the Internet to exchange data between themselves and the Internet in real time. Though this sounds simple, the potential it has is quite promising and yet to be explored more in the future. IoT is set out to upgrade the current business models, enhance revenue, operational efficiency and workforce productivity, enable an unparalleled user experience and add transparency to the whole enterprise. 

This allows a better inventory management and customer service to the company. The usage of IoT has also been bumped up into manufacturing and production. For instance, IoT is being used to assess the performance of a machine or equipment in real time. Similarly, IoT is being applied to assembly line and logistics department. SAP has already started deploying many IoT-based applications.  

All these trends are directly tied to various business processes. One has to stay updated with these trends in order to meet the current market demands. To have a smoother, better glide into the future, SAP has already begun upgrading its deliverables.

SAP Leonardo is the latest innovation brought out by SAP. It is a business intelligence system that combines and harnesses the power of machine learning, data analytics and IoT. In SAP’s own words and we quote, “SAP Leonardo is a combination of intelligent technologies, services, and industry expertise that can help you optimize your processes and resources – and ignite innovation in any area of your business.” With the performance it promises to deliver, it can be said that SAP Leonardo is the future of intelligent ERP. 

To stay on par with the latest trends in the business world, one needs a strong foundation in business processes. We, at iKalpa, offer competent foundational training on various business processes that are vital to the market. Be a master of these processes and make a lucrative career in SAP. Contact us today for more details! 

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