How ERP can help during COVID-19

As most companies have implemented remote work amid the coronavirus pandemic, employers are considering what steps are to be taken by them to protect their employees and improve their social distancing policies. In this article we will explore how ERP helps companies do just that by allowing workers in a company remote access with their credentials from anywhere. 

ERP aids in enterprise management by streamlining business processes. It helps companies in implementing resource planning by integrating important processes, like planning, purchasing inventory, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and more, in a single system. This might be the right time for companies to evaluate their ERP systems and upgrade if necessary. An ERP system having the following features is recognized as an essential business safety net to respond to and overcome unprecedented events:

  • Remote connectivity

Office workers can work from home just as effectively and can access data just as they could from the office.

  • Have built-in dashboard

Having automatic alert systems and built-in dashboards ensures that employees know their assigned work activities and tasks that are at highest priority. 

  • Productivity tools

Being able to record and track duties with time logs and generate useful reports and analytics without spending time on filling spreadsheets enables easy comparison of functions across different departments.

In addition to updating 

Most employees are not used to working from home and operating with the same efficiency can be challenging for some of them. In order to remain productive consultants need to connect with functional experts to understand end-to-end processes. They can utilize the ERP software of the company to get more organized and utilize project management tools to achieve team outcomes.The key to thriving at WFH lies in effective communication. It's important to impart necessary information effectively and take appropriate actions to better oneself. They can get remote training on industry and ERP processes for a complete business flow. 

With organisations trying to get a grip on remote working, this is an opportunity to improve your team’s skills and reap the benefits of working from home. Identify the skills that are most valuable and take help from our experts to gain them. We, at iKalpa, are dedicated to empower you with industry-recognized online courses. Sign up for a class today!