How to make the most of WFH in the current situation

As we go through a global pandemic together, we present to you an opportunity to up-skill through online courses and make the best of the work from home scenario. 

The COVID-19 lockdown has led to most of the workforce operating from home and saved them some extra time in their hands. While some of them might see this as an opportunity to engage in mindless scrolling through apps or catching up with the trending tv shows and movies, very few employees identify this to be the perfect time to revisit their idea of “work”. The disruption of the professional sectors due to prolonged social distancing has caused a drop in productivity in most companies and has become a reason for concern and anxiety. Here are a few things employees can do to improve their work from home habits and eventually boost the productivity of their businesses:

  1. Connect with colleagues, other functional experts through online apps to upgrade skills in IT systems and understand end-to-end processes. 

Employees are caught up in their daily tasks and are often oblivious to the workings of other processes that go on in the business. This might be an opportunity for them to get more involved in the details of different processes. For example employees can move from purchasing functions to cross framing oneself to the procurement cycle. They can learn how to manage end-to-end processes like procure to pay, order to cash, etc.

  1. Up-skill

Getting rid of the resistance to learn and making use of the time to expand their bandwidth to get equipped to provide support for their teams during this difficult time will make the overall working experience enlightening. By choosing a flexible learning schedule that works well with the work timings, it is possible for the workforce to achieve skills that are useful for team building and helps in the betterment of the quality of work. Employees can get remote training on industry and ERP processes for a complete business flow. ikalpa offers some of the top online professional skills such as Procure to Pay, Quote to Cash and Demand to Produce that you can acquire from the comfort of your home during COVID-19 breakthrough. Sign up now!

  1. Re-evaluate touchpoints with external partners 

Companies are being forced to examine and reevaluate their businesses.Even if a business is not directly affected by the virus outbreak, their distribution partner may be. Businesses have to find ways to create more options and take time to inspect how to increase their customer base. Finding out how to cater to the needs of their customers and figuring out how to help them will prove to be beneficial in the long run. 

  1. Security and Identity/Access Management procedures across the landscape need evaluation and best practices need to be implemented by enterprises. The IT team needs to equip themselves through training and industry/partner connect.