How to Succeed in SAP Job Interviews : Beginners

There is no doubt that there would be great career growth and a bright future in the domain of SAP. To have a fulfilling career in SAP, the first step is to be prepared for the job interview that lands you in your dream role.

Since its evolution in 1970s, SAP has widely evolved and with it, changed the face of interview and screening process for SAP jobs in recent times. Irrespective of the job profile, interviewers look for competent candidates who work hard and can adapt themselves to the project demands as and when required. You can drive the direction of the interview, if you are well prepared. 

SAP job interviews can be quite stressful as there is little resourceful material available online to guide you in the right direction. Well, we got you covered. Continue scrolling down for tips to successfully crack an SAP job interview.  

1) Always keep your SAP professional network updated.

Always keep you professional network updated. It is very important to stay connected in the SAP community. May it be LinkedIn, blogs, WhatsApp, Facebook or other social media, it comes in quite handy to have connections and maintain them. Initiate contact with fellow professionals by asking your questions or answering their questions. This will act as an exercise to polish your SAP skills and also expose you to the direction you might be queried on your big day. 

2) Portray your SAP hands-on experience to stand-out.

Most of the candidates come well prepared with top widely-discussed SAP job interview questions. So it is required to showcase your experience in SAP to make your mark. Also, the interviewer will not ask you to discuss an entire module of SAP as we are told during engineering interviews. Discuss your course work, internship experience and work experience - if any. It helps to be honest with the level of expertise you have on a module. Mention the modules and tasks you have worked on. Common questions that can be expected are given below.

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