Resources to keep Updated with SAP Trends

The role SAP plays in the ERP field is humongous and it still continues to be one of the key players in the global ERP market. Each year, we witness different trends from SAP entering and being used in the market.

It is very important that an SAP consultant is in a continuous state of learning and stays updated with all the trends in the field. However, keeping tabs on all the current and latest developments SAP domain is no easy task. Well, there are a few tips you can use to stay connected and updated with everything SAP!

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1) SAP blog, and SAP official website

SAP comes out with new updates every few years with implementations to improve the efficiency of the current business processes. These updates, called enhancement packs, allow users to implement updates without having to fully upgrade SAP software.

Crucial information regarding the implementations, such as upgrades, what bug fixes come with the update and how to apply them, etc., all are presented in a detailed manner as notes, found on the website.

As a consultant, these notes help you stay in the game. There are various blog posts on the SAP website that you can follow that provide valuable knowledge regarding SAP happenings. 

Here are some useful links to keep you updated

SAP Blog 


SAP Forum

SAP community

2) Use LinkedIn to get all professional updates on SAP.

LinkedIn is the best platform for you to build a great professional branding. At the same time, the website can be quite resourceful to follow the latest developments in the SAP world.

Signing up with LinkedIn allows you to access important articles, posts and relevant job roles and latest ongoings in the SAP global market. Giving you a strong digital footprint, LinkedIn helps build a commendable professional SAP profile for yourself. LinkedIn also provides you connections, recommended jobs and relevant news, articles, blog posts and updates. 

Here are a few useful links

SAP LinkedIn Page
SAP Linkedin Community Search

3) Social media is here to open doors to SAP news and all global communities.

 Twitter, Quora, Reddit, Facebook are some of the top social media that give you good access to latest developments in SAP. Following CEOs, VPs, directors, startup founders on their social media pages will help you dive into the dynamic world of SAP and its news.

The discussion forums on various social media help you understand different perspectives from experienced consultants at various levels and increase your knowledge on current happenings in the SAP world. Often frequented by experts and senior SAP consultants, these websites provide an opportunity to learn from SMEs and on-demand business processes. Besides, this exercise will provide you with references and open up new connections in the SAP fraternity to network. 

These are some social media profile can help

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