The Next Big Thing in ERP ( Enterprise resource planning )

ERP systems have undergone umpteen changes and updates since their inception decades earlier. Adapting to market changes and customer needs, ERP systems underwent many updates and became what they are today, surviving the volatile demands of the market and providing that competitive edge to the businesses.

Their evolution is a continuous process and every year they undergo many changes and releases. Let us look at what the next year has in store for ERP and what is expected of the ERP systems in the upcoming year. 

The main trends that are likely to emerge as the next big things in ERP are

1) Cloud ERP

2) AI-enabled automation

3) IoT integration  

4) Enhanced mobile ERP solutions.

The future ERP systems are expected to be endowed with much more processing capabilities and also to become more robust, efficient, powerful, less pricey and easier to use. 

1) Cloud ERP

Cloud computing rendered more power to technology by making the processing faster, mobile and robust. Cloud technologies are expected to reach a significant point this year, with more and more businesses adopting it, with many vendors moving their focus to the cloud services. The focus of ERP has always been on delivering efficient services at affordable costs.

The features of cloud such as increasing productivity, maximizing efficiency and cost-saving coupled with power of ERP systems will take the systems to newer heights and it is no surprise if most enterprises move to these cloud ERP systems. The upcoming years are expected to witness a new era of innovation in cloud ERP systems. Cloud ERP is definitely going to rule the future. 

2) AI-enabled automation

The next technology of focus is AI-powered automation of ERP systems. Though AI has been widely in use only for a few decades, it is fast emerging as the centerpiece of infrastructure for many technologies. Each year, the dependency of applications on AI is increasing and it is expected to revolutionize ERP systems as well.

AI ERP systems are expected to automate mundane tasks, recognize patterns and apply the subsequent knowledge to draw conclusions to provide deeper and greater insights into companies’ businesses. With unprecedented level of data insights, efficiency, functionality, productivity and applicability of AI-harnessed capabilities, ERP systems can be improved to greater heights. Another benefit that AI ERP systems bring in is improving customer experience through enhanced and personalized interaction.

An ongoing necessary trend in the ERP applications is going mobile. Mobile ERP has advantages such as ease of access and use, better visibility, competitive advantage and enhanced agility.


The ease of access to real time data through your handheld device is what allows the user to be informed all the time. By driving mobility across all processes in the organization, mobile ERP systems enhance the automation and data retrieval speeds and hence prove to be beneficial to the companies. By streamlining communication, mobile ERP systems are expected to harness greater productivity, unparalleled efficiency and seamless work collaboration.

This way, ERP systems are expected to undergo major changes in the upcoming years improving the abilities and performance of the ERP systems. At the rapid pace that business systems are changing and evolving, ERP systems of tomorrow are set to increase the functionality, productivity, applicability and utility and profitability.

ERP systems are expected to grow to be a constant companion for users in all the business operations. ERP systems are already harnessing the power of latest technologies and looking to improve it even more in the coming years. The future of these multifunctional ERP systems definitely set to outshine! 

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