Top ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Accounts to Follow on Twitter

ERP systems revolutionized the world of business. Whether you are a business owner or an ERP enthusiast, it is necessary that one needs to stay updated with the latest developments in the ERP world and make the best out of it. Various social media like Twitter, Facebook, blogs and forums help you keep in touch with ongoings in the ERP market. We bring to you today the top ERP accounts and influencers worth following on Twitter. Keep reading! 

1) Cloud ERP by SAP

 Handle: @SAPCloudERP (
Follow this account to get all the latest updates from leading ERP software in the market – SAP. This account is quite resourceful with tweets about product updates, launches, videos and blogs from SAP website. 

2) Oracle ERP Cloud

Handle: @OracleERPCloud (

This twitter account brings you all the latest information on the ERP cloud software of another leading vendor of ERP – Oracle. Stay connected with customers, products and events of Oracle by following this account. 

3) ERP Focus

Handle: @ERPFocus (

This account provides a platform for interaction between ERP professionals. Providing valuable information regarding ERP trends, news and products, this account is a rich source for following up on ERP news. 

4) ERP News

Handle: @erpnewscom (

This account is exclusive to sharing news, articles, customer experiences, reviews and success stories of various ERP products in the market. 

5) ERP_Consulting

Handle: @ERP_Consulting (
This account is dedicated to everything ERP with special focus on ERP jobs, consulting and professionals. Also follow this account to see the latest developments on everything ERP. 

6) ERP_Consulting

 Handle: @PanoramaERP  ( )

This is account is from a consulting firm that deals with ERP systems for mid- to large-sized public and private organizations.  Providing news and reviews on ERP systems, this account is worth following if you are a business owner. 

7) ERP_Consulting

Handle: @erpandmore (

This account belongs to a blog that gives regular updates on ERP selections, evaluations, trends and implementations.

8) Cindy Jutras

Handle: @ERP_cindyjutras (

This is the account of one of the biggest ERP influencers on Twitter. With a plethora of experience with various ERP systems for more than35 years, Jutras skills to convey difficult terms across are quite commendable. Her account is a great resource for ERP enthusiasts. 

9) Christos Pittis  

Handle: @CPITTIS ( )
Follow this influencer to get regular updates on ERP from Microsoft – Dynamics 365. With more than 12 years of experience in the ERP industry, Pittis gives valuable insights on the workings of the ERP industry. 

If you have more such accounts which you fee can help others, please share it with us in comments, and if you looking to learn more about ERP check out business process courses here: Learn More